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Will you be listing my house on the MLS?

Great question. We are an investment firm that helps general public make the best decision regarding their real estate. 

How long will it take

Usually  within 48h

How difficult is the process?

We have few goals in this business. 1. Help people. 2. Make the process as simple and seamless as humanly possible. And we really mean it. We will do anything in our power to make decisions as easy as possible . If you need something we will be there at any point in the process to get you the answer or help you need. 

Are your prices fair?


How do you determine your proposal?

Good question. We like to be open and straight forward with our process. We will take a look at the Condition of the property, the Location of the property, and the cost of Repairs needed on the property. We will also take a look into the values of recently sold homes in the area. From there we will try to come up with best solution that will work for you.

Are there  any fees?

Yes our proposal is our fee for our consultation with you and giving our professional opinion.

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